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Default Re: Gun Control: It's Racist

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Considering the majority of the violet crime comes from metropolitan areas over 250k where a large amount of black people live but yet Diane **** Feinstein wants to concentrate on "assault" weapons that are 2.5% of gun crime and noncommonplace mass shootings done by white people, I'd say no.

Actually, you have a point there. Imagine the crack downs in the 80's and 90's (the result of a war on drugs). A ban on "assault" weapons would mean an influx of hand guns (the gun type responsible for the majority of gun violence) on the streets. Gang violence increases as a result. Because of this, cops would have to focus their resources on gangs and be more strict/ruthless about it. So, dead cops and dead gangsters. Racial tensions right there. On top of this, you bust a black guy selling drugs and you find he has an AK-47 (not too hard to acquire even if illegal) for protection? Well, guess what? He gets put in jail for a long ass time and his family isn't able to get the support they need. Leads to more poverty and racial distrust between cops and low-income minorities.

No better than the 80's and 90's.

Feinstein is an idiot and liberals don't like to admit this but white guilt liberalism has contributed almost as much to racial tensions as conservative thought has. F*ck that b*tch.

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