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Default Re: LeSean McCoy's baby momma drama

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Just got the chance to read this entire

McCoy really has a screwed up view of what having money means...just about every tweet he made toward her was something to the effect of "I'm rich and self made and you're a broke bum" while she is making comments about HIS SON that he hasn't seen in 4 months which is 100x more important than any money...

and I hope he doesn't let money define him too much because I would bet anything, that no more than 5 years after McCoy retires he will be broke...

this is like the cherry on top of the Eagle's's just ugly

Pretty dumb to assume he hasnt seen his son. You take her words as facts when you dont know the chick from a can of paint. Same chick who is blasting phone messages on twitter for the public to see. Yeah that never made you viewed her in any type of way huh? Neither of us know the situation. Is he attempting to see his son and she is denying him? Making it difficult? Is she lying about how often he sees her son? We know Shady travels for work, so on his days off is she giving him the run around? You act like when a female isnt mad at a male when a kid is involved? She doesnt act like a b!tch.

He's 24, yet you are betting everyone he ends up broke after he retires. He has some growing up to do but thats a crazy prediction you made there. Be nice to see you put this much thought into Dallas players.
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