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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I will piggy back on some of what Knickcity said. I will give some of you some additional info needed.

Too many posters here are holding the Knicks to the standards of the first 5 weeks of the season. I wish most of you would deal with the fact that many teams started slow the Knicks started fast. This team was never as good as it started other teams werent as bad. It's not difficult for teams to make adjustments.

The defense wasnt as good as people think it was. The offense was efficient and hitting shots at a high percentage. That allowed the Knicks to set up defensively, didnt hurt as much getting out rebounded. Including what Knickscity said about turnovers.

This is not a good individual team defensive team. This team has to be better at team defending. This team switches a little to much for my liking and they need to play some zone. Also this team plays way too small nightly where opponents have advantages all over the court so its not hard for teams to get there shots over the Knicks. Shump isnt a SF and Melo isnt a PF Kidd should not start.

Now another dose of reality is the team isnt as talented or deep as some people anticipated. But they are better than a .500 team I dont think much better than .500.

With that said the team is now going to struggle because they dont have the same identity they had when the season started. The starters and rotation has changed significantly over the course of the season.

Lets see what develops over the next few weeks.

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