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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I think you have to use common sense though. That's a natural reaction. Getting hit in the eye, the man region, your shin, your pinky toe... those will make even the toughest man cringe and react. Techs are supposed to be used to police players tempers vs the refs or other players. Melo was clearly not attacking either.

I never forget my mom and I was going out when I was younger and we were in a rush. We used to have this raggedy bathroom door that wasn't sanded (one of my dad's DIY specials). I ran past it and re-opened a huge cut I'd gotten from playing basketball. Given the fact that it was old wood and metal that cut me, my mom immediately flooded it with peroxide and alcohol. The pain was unbearable so I slipped up and cursed in front of her. It was the first time I'd ever done so. To my surprise, she let me slide because I was in incredible pain. Common sense told her that I wasn't using foul language just to be derogatory. It was clearly a involuntary action because of the sudden pain.

I see Melo routinely go to the rack, snatch down his own rebound with ferocious intensity and get fouled both times and the refs let em play. My only issue is, if your going to do that, don't call him for a ticky tac foul on the other end.
Your mom is nice, my parents would have lit my ass up, since if I could curse in front of them i must be doing it outside.

But nah, he can't spike the ball.

What's crazy is he got a tech for the same thing last it's not just a reaction.
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