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Default Re: Show me proof that dinosaurs and other planets are real

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I'm sorry, I'm too new and need to know.

It's hidden knowledge. If you wish to unlock its secrets, you must first drink an ice cold King Kobra 40 oz, and then put on that Black Rob song, "Like Whoa!" ... and then you look in the mirror and say "Like Whoah 10115" five times, in the dark. Then you flip the light switch back on. There'll obviously be nothing behind you. Then turn the light switch back off again, and say to yourself "I just did something really dumb, and really stupid, like whoa."

After you have completed this task, unlock the Achievement or Trophy depending on which console you swear your allegiance, come back here use the honor system and truthfully tell us you have accomplished the entire ordeal, and then we'll tell you who is behind the OP's fake account.
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