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Default Re: Official trade rumors thread

Yeah, I definitely don't see Pau going back to Memphis. They're better off with his brother and Randolph. With another team involved it does become an interesting scenario. Pau isn't happy coming off the bench here. As much as we don't like it, we're stuck with 'antoni. I'm sure Gay would fit in well with that small ball mentality he has. Not the greatest outside shooter, but he is a very good scorer, young, and far more athletic than pretty much anyone on this roster. 'antoni was already playing Artest at the 4, so that's why I mentioned they could be on the court together. With the way Artest has been playing I don't want to see him lose any minutes.

I would like to see if what the Lakers have done the past few games can stick though. Pau mentioned they basically just quit running 'antoni's offense and started doing their own thing the past few games. If they can keep doing more of that the Lakers should be able to win with what they have.
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