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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
I will officially rest my case, these are the COACHES words......

He does a weekly show on the SAS show, and Zwerling took the words and wrote an article about it...

Woodson Radio Interview SAS Show

"Even though the Knicks allowed the Hawks to score 104 points and shoot 60 percent from the field, Mike Woodson is more concerned with his team's offense. And rightfully so. While they're holding opponents to a sixth-best 94.5 points per game in January, they've significantly dropped in scoring from 102.3 points per game through December to 95.8 this month."

"Our offense has been stinking a little bit in terms of us getting ball movement and getting back to executing how we were earlier in the season," Woodson said on ESPN New York 98.7 FM's "Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco" show on Monday afternoon. "

As far as the defense, coach said all the team needs is more practice time.

But yeah I will officially rest my case, this team is built around OFFENSE.

The coach has officially let that be known.
Come on man,we played against some awful offensive teams in January. Pacers,Sixers,Hornets,Pistons. Even the Nets and Celtics are below league average in points scored per game.

The only game that we can say we did something was when we held Spurs to 83 points and that's it.
We let Bulls score 108. Blazers scored 105.Hawks 104. Philly scored 97 but it seemed like 80 came from the same play

Opponents points per game might suggest it but we aren't the 6th best defensive team right now. We just happened to play some awful offensive teams. Actually 10 of 11 are below league average in scoring (only the Spurs aren't).

You can be an offensive oriented team but you need to play defense too. Letting teams who usually score 93 points per game come into your house and go for 108 isn't going to cut it,especially if that team is as good defensively as the Bulls are.

Our scoring is down because Felton was out for the almost whole month of January up until now. He missed only 2 games in December. That's a pretty solid excuse.
On the other hand I don't see an excuse for letting horrible offensive teams torch us. Point guards are so lucky when they see they play against the Knicks. Holiday scored 35. Teague had 27. Next game is against Orlando so I guess Jameer Nelson is waiting with a huge grin on his face.

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