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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Come on man,we played against some awful offensive teams in January. Pacers,Sixers,Hornets,Pistons. Even the Nets and Celtics are below league average in points scored per game.

The only game that we can say we did something was when we held Spurs to 83 points and that's it.
We let Bulls score 108. Blazers scored 105.Hawks 104. Philly scored 97 but it seemed like 80 came from the same play

Opponents points per game might suggest it but we aren't the 6th best defensive team right now. We just happened to play some awful offensive teams. Actually 10 of 11 are below league average in scoring (only the Spurs aren't).
So let me get this straight, you think the team played great defense to start the season, when we played the same teams then that we are now?

Philly Twice, Orlando, Indy, Hornets....five of our first 9 opponents dont score points....we didn't defend squat...they dont score anyway.

And thats combined with giving up back to back 100 points during that same 8 game stretch.

LeBron and Wade checked out the Miami game with close to 5 minutes remaining, but i guess they would have remained scoreless had they stayed in the game....Miami scored 7 more points because it was all scrubs out there.

The fact show the team doesn't and never has had great defense, they win with making shots, a ridiculous number of threes, and dont turnover the ball and the coach has officially said it.

No real need to go any further.
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