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Default Re: Hi, my name is Riddler and I'm an alcoholic (Been to a few AA meetings recently)

Originally Posted by lefthook00
Sailor Jerry has upgraded to glass now ha.

And century club is 150oz in 100 minutes(shot = 1.5oz), nearly 4 40oz's. That will get the average dude pretty f*cked up.

What's 150 oz in litres? Tried to find a definition, but there are 5 different types of ounces.

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Yeah I think there are different degrees of alcoholism too. I know a few highly functioning alcoholics that have 4-5 drinks every night, more on the weekends, yet still function well at their jobs, raise their kids, etc.

Wanting a drink in the morning is a pretty bad sign I would think.

Of course there are different levels of alcoholism. Even drinking every 1st weekend of the month is considered a form of alcoholism by the WHO.

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