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Default Re: Kevin Hart can be the new Dave Chappelle ...

Kevin Hart is great. To me he is like 2-3 favorite stand-up comedians and you might remember I once made a thread wondering if he could already become considered a legend.

But the Chappelle comparison is a bad one. Dave Chappelle was on another planet than pretty much all but a select few during his time because he added the satire. Hart is a terrific story teller, but he doesn't have that extra factor.

And won't ever get there, it's not his brand of comedy. But I do think he will go down as one of the best, and he needs to have that one movie or t.v. role where he's front and center and it's hilarious. He's been good in supporting roles and the things he's stared in have been shit (not his fault).

But I doubt we see another Dave Chappelle for a while.
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