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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
So what do you want me to say ? That this team can't play good defense and that their game is depending on how well they are going to shoot from three ?

If that's the case then I don't know what we're discussing,guaranteed 1st round exit once again.
Please read my post about defense. There are many types of factors that goes into defense.

Now I already explained to posters why they shouldnt be so judgmental right now. This is not the same team. There needs time for the current members to gel.

Stat is on a minutes limit coming back from injury, Shump is on a minutes limit coming back from injury, Felton coming back from injury on a minutels limit. These are not role players coming back these are starters. How often have they all played together? So I will just assume you understand all the factors in this. Still have to wait for Sheed and Camby to come back. With all the changes made this team needs a few weeks to get it together.

Clutch this IMHO is a little better than .500. I really thought this team could win 42 to 44 wins. The hot start gave fans a false sense of greatness.

I really and honestly dont think this team is a 1st round exit but its all about match ups.

I think fans need to temper expectations give this new team some time to get it together and stop whining so much.

Woodson needs to stop the small lineup but I understand its difficult when 2 of the PF's are out the lineup.

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