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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
If it wasn't for that hot start, they probably would be a BELOW .500 team, and that's with some matchups that were expected to be losses.

At least 5 of them, the two SAS, the two Miami's, and last weeks Boston.

I agree with Rameek, alot is hung on that impressive start, which was unsustainable.

You had guys who were playing well above their norms, most notably the three point shooting.... Brewer actually hitting threes at 41%, JR somewhere around 47% from deep, Kidd shooting 50% from the field...48% from deep, and Melo hitting 47% from deep...48% overall.

Totally above their capabilities thus the great record, now that the guys are right around their norms, average team record.

The law of averages would suggest these guys would eventually tail off to their career numbers, and they have....and the team would reflect that and they have.

While it's almost a given they will be better than a few games above .500, that part means little.

For the team to advance in the playoffs, you'd have to get more of those early season numbers and little of their averages, otherwise they very well could be going home, not early, but the expected first round knockout.

You just can't build a team around inefficiency, unless they are solid effort guys around those guys.

We really have neither.

That's why I dont go out demanding more youth, because it wouldn't make a difference if they aren't efficient.

Just look at every champion....every single one has either their #1 or #2 guys being extremely efficient....we dont have that luxury at all.
When I made that prediction of the 42-44 wins was factoring in the injuries and possible injuries of the Krust Kings plus a average coach and limited talent. The East is a mediocre conference
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