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Default Re: Does your lady make you "earn it"?

Sex life in a marriage is not that simple. You bring in stress, money fights, jealousy, and 7 years in our case. Not saying our marriage sucks, but most marriages are less than perfect in the sex department.

Most married women are not horny non-stop. And some women do lose some of their energy when they have children to take care of, and go to work, clean. I help my lady, but she still takes in some stress.

She's also not 19 and horny all the time either. I'm in shape, but most girls (over time) need more than pure lust.

I just wanted to find out how it was for the rest of you. I realize it's easier to just be a player. A lot of us get to a point where that's not a long-term realistic or fulfilling option.
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