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Default Re: Kevin Hart can be the new Dave Chappelle ...

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
His new television show "Real Husbands of Hollywood" looks to be "Chappelle's Show" for this decade.

When Chappelle's show came out, there was no way SOMEBODY wasn't gonna bring it up to you the day after a new episode aired. You couldn't escape it. People were quoting it, referencing the characters etc. Every day after it aired, people were gonna be talking about it somehow. And this started from episode 1 with the clayton bigsby skit.

I didn't even know Hart's new show started yet. I haven't heard a single person say a single word about it. The only thing I've ever heard about it was when i saw Hart doing an interview on Conan about it.

I'm sorry Kizzle, Hart is funny, but he's funny in supporting roles. He needs SOMEONE to be reacting to. He's not a leading man
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