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Default Re: Tayshaun and Daye for Calderon

Originally Posted by Kombo
Three team trade, moved Tayshaun and Daye to Memphis and Toronto traded us Calderon.

I was just going to post this too. I'm sad to see Tay go. It's definitely the end of an era. He did deserve to be on a winning team again. I think he'll fit in well in Memphis. I really didn't want Daye to go. The kid has too much potential still.

All this deal did was put us even farther under the cap. I can't help but wonder if Joe D is looking for another trade. Calderon doesn't make us better. With 25 million dollars who is Joe D going to get? He isn't going to land CP3 or Howard. Outside of that there won't be any FA's who can turn things around. I like Josh Smith but that's definitely not enough. Maybe if we land a top 5 pick and Smith that would be a solid team to work with, but not enough to contend. There's still too many questions left unanswered with this trade.
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