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I'm not asking for the definition of aggressive or selfish..........

Lets say Kobe has a usual 9-20 game or whatever. He's not being a facilitator. Some can say that he's being aggressive.... doing what he must to win, or you can see his actions as being selfish.... trying to pass mj in scoring overall points, trying to be remembered as the best scorer the NBA has seen... etc ...

there's LeBron who consistently gets his teammates looks season after season while getting his own. yet again can be seen as both aggressive and selfish.

my opinion is a selfish basketball player (i'll use kobe/jamal craw as a example) will take a contested fade away jumpshot instead of passing to a wide open ron artest. a aggressive basketball player being somebody like lebron who basically does it all.

is kobe being aggressive when he scores 28ppg on 20ish shots per game, or selfish?

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