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Default Re: Hi, my name is Riddler and I'm an alcoholic (Been to a few AA meetings recently)

Originally Posted by Jackass18
inb4 people start bragging about how much they drink/their country can drink

oh, too late

I have NEVER understood this. Like ever. Anybody can drink as much as they want really or is it like how much can you drink without dying? If it's simply who can drink the most, if you wanted too you can win. Maybe it's who can drink the most without being sloppy? .. Just makes no sense to me because when I was like 17 and 5'11/115-120 pounds I could probably drink as much as any person in this thread, I would just be sloppy black out drunk. So I suppose it's how sober you are while how much you consume that is the ego thing for dude's? Cause while I could keep up with people, I'd probably be far more drunk than some so they'd win because they'd be less sober?

Remember back in HS and even now to some extent whenever booze comes up, 50% of men just feel like bragging about how much they can drink or that they can drink somebody else under the table. Same with countries, like I'm from Canada we drink better than you because you're from America! or I'm from the UK and so forth.

As for drunks, does seem to be a each to his own kinda thing. I went from drinking every day at any point to gradually cutting back to every few days to drinking every Friday to now only getting drunk once every 2-3 weeks on Friday. I still end up black out drunk and making an ass out of myself/ruining things but seems to have worked. Guess it's different for the older folks when you have a wife/kids. When you're a kid just kinda have to smarten up, guess when you're 30+ you've been at it for a longer time thus harder to get yourself off it.

Really never understood what makes somebody an Alcoholic, seems like everybody has there own definition. If you went by some of the definitions, the entire world would be drunks
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