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Default Re: 49ers CB Chris Culliver says gay players not welcom

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
no there aren' way...maybe a 2-3, not any more than that

have you ever been in a high school locker room?'s not a place any gay person would want to all

there is one NFL player that came out after retirement and he said in order o get by he had to say "f@g" on a regular basis and he also said he was suicidal for the majority of his NFL career...he also said that he thought his own teammates would have injured him in practice had they known he was gay...

I find it extremely difficult to believe that it is common for gays to make it all the way through high school and college football without quitting over the extreme bigotry that goes on...

what Chris Culliver said represents the majority of the NFL

In today's era I don't think gay players woud be crucifyed compared to 20-30years ago. Even NFL players are becoming a bit more progressive, just look at all the modeling ads and other fashion advertising players do nowadays. I think it all depends on the team though. A gay player on the raiders would most likely get hazed but on the Patriots(or any veteran team) most players would turn a blind eye.

Depends if teams have ghetto thugs like Chris Culliver.
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