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Default Re: Rifles make up 4% of gun homicides...Handguns make up 72%

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
Are you implying Rifles arent more deadly than Handguns?

How are you quantifying "deadliness"? A .223 AR15 is no where near as devastating as a .50 Desert Eagle. A .45 Colt like John Wayne used to use would leave a much larger wound than an AR15.

Here is a chart for ammo size comparison:


.223, the round used by most AR15s, is #13 on top. It is what is called an "intermediate" cartridge. Look at the size of the bullet, then compare it to the handgun rounds on the bottom. The projectile from a .223 is smaller than the vast majority of them.

There were a whole bunch of people who shit their pants when the military switched over to .223. They thought it was too small.

There is nothing magical about a rifle that makes it more dangerous than a handgun. It does not have bigger bullets, more power or any magical killing ability.

Seriously man it's getting ridiculous having to explain this to you. It's like if we were debating politics and you came in with no knowledge of the issues but a very strong opinion one way. Your opinion is based on misinformation, and if you aren't even willing to educate yourself on the subject you shouldn't be opening your mouth. All you are doing is muddling the debate with your bullshit.
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