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Default Re: Earl Clark a free agent after the season

Originally Posted by dd24
I do believe they are actively shopping him. You don't pay someone 19 million to come off the bench. I just don't see what team could use him. Everybody keeps mentioning Detroit, because they see all that cap space they have. They must have never watched a game though, because they have a guy named Greg Monroe who's game is a lot like Pau's, who's on a much smaller contract, and who's still very young. They also have Drummond so I don't see how Pau fits in there.

Toronto isn't a landing spot anymore. They just took on that contract of Gay's so I don't see how they would pull off another deal.

Houston has always been in the rumors, although they don't seem interested.

So, I'm certain the Lakers would love to get some young pieces in place of him. I just don't know how it can happen anymore. David Stern really messed the Lakers up with that Chris Paul trade.

He sure did. I never had a complaint of him until he vetoed that trade, and as hard as you might not believe me, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am a laker fan that got upset we didn't receive CP3. It really just in fact, messed this team up. Im sure he's up there on his pedastol (dont know how to spell that) drinking champagne, and laughing with his other corporates.

Chris Paul was the best thing that would have made Mitch Kuptchak the official God GM of life, and would have redeemed Jim Buss' stint as laker CEO, but hey its all what-ifs now isnt it?
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