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Default Re: Earl Clark a free agent after the season

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
He sure did. I never had a complaint of him until he vetoed that trade, and as hard as you might not believe me, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am a laker fan that got upset we didn't receive CP3. It really just in fact, messed this team up. Im sure he's up there on his pedastol (dont know how to spell that) drinking champagne, and laughing with his other corporates.

Chris Paul was the best thing that would have made Mitch Kuptchak the official God GM of life, and would have redeemed Jim Buss' stint as laker CEO, but hey its all what-ifs now isnt it?

I would love to agree with you guys, especially because I hate Stern......but Jimmy hired 2 really horrible coaches and I really don't think it would've worked......even with CP3.....I mean have you ever in your life seen a team this bad with this much talent? This is more talent than Phil, Sloan or Pop ever had.....and we can't even whiff .500
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