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Default Re: TRADE! Raptors get Rudy Gay in 3-team deal

Well the way I see it is:

•with Gay and Ross and add fields and anderson to that list DeRozan becomes expendable
•yes Andrea Bargnani now has a negative trade value. DeRozan doesn't though I actually like him Gay is just a lot better an Ross can shoot and plays D.
•we need a Big man Gasol is a perfect fit I mean who else are we gonna put there tell me someone more qualified than a top 10 Pf who will be a massive expiring contract in 2 years.
•the cash considerations to LA is a sweetner, incentive, compensation, a buy off, kickback, gravy, bait (I like that one), or just call it a Payoff
•consider the possibility that the Lakers don't make the playoffs right. They need changes. Not Kobe..not Dwight...not's gotta be Gasol.

I would do this in a heartbeat. and roll that lineup out or something close too it until I just let gasols contract expire and I use the cap space to keep this young core together and competitive.

Oh and let's not forget Gasol is an NBA champion, world champion and brings tremendous leadership and swagger to a young pack of raptors.

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