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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Cloud Atlas -

Well, this one was no ordinary film... it started of well, then it got really confusing with the constant back and forth intertwine of many stories that made less and less sense, one story in particular i couldnt understand 50% of the words that were coming out of their mouth, had to collect the actual english words and use my instincts to try and figure out what they meant... i was patient, but there were to many "why" questions left unexplained... so i kept being patient, maybe i would figure it out at the end, its a 3 hour long movie afterall and once it ended i had just even more "why" questions... i sat there in silence watching the credits and pondering "Great acting, liked the stories, but wait why? who? when? what the **** did i just watch?"

I guess i have to read the book or rewatch the movie a 100 times....... so ill see you with a proper rating & review in a couple of years...

Until then:

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