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Default Re: TRADE! Raptors get Rudy Gay in 3-team deal

we need to flip either/both derozan/bargs for a quality PF.
Unfortunately don't see it happening.
Amir/Val is not a very good frontcourt. Neither was Davis/Val though. I think both Amir and Ed are best suited to first big off the bench.
I wish there was a way to get that quality big.
Maybe there is a way to get Pau if a third team is involved.

For example
Lakers get
Derozan Milsap
Jazz get
Raps get

Too bad the lakers probably don't want derozan and the jazz probably don't want bargs.
Maybe just derozan to the Jazz for Milsap?

Lineup of
Gasol or Milsap

would be entertaining at least.
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