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Default Re: TRADE! Raptors get Rudy Gay in 3-team deal

Originally Posted by DJMason
When the Lake show are bummed about paying Pau 19 million and being a tax-level team I gotta think they don't want 20 million tied up in two more underachieving players. I think the Pau trade is a thing of the past now that our big expirer who was perfect for making the $$$ work is in Detroit. I agree though that since Memphis just passed calderon along anyway if we could have somehow slotted Derozan into the tradeinstead of Calderon or Davis (less likely) I'd be much more all over it.

*The Lakers are not so much bummed about paying Gasol 19Mil as they are about losing games. The Lakers expected to win with this lineup/budget and the general idea was to win at all cost untill 2014-2015 where only Nash is signed up to where at that point they would rebuild. In my opinion the "salary dump" isnt as big a priority in LALA land as it was in Memphis.

*Also I have always though going back a couple of years that Bargnani would thrive next to a big like Dwight. Most of Bargs mistakes are covered up with rebounding machine at Center who is a perennial defensive player of the year. Bargnani can just live on the perimter the way he likes. Too bad he still cant shoot for his life.

*Demar DeRozan is from LA so I think there would be some interest there on the Lakers part. Hes a young up-and-coming Sg/SF who you can play on the wing next to Kobe and he can be a building block in LA perhaps learning from his Idol Kobe and taking over in a few years.

*The Cash considerations would help ease the luxury tax for LA its a payoff to get this DEAL DONE...MONEY SOLVES MANY PROBLEMS AND WE HAVE A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS SOLVING

*Perhaps we offer to take back one of their contracts like a Steve Blake or Ron Artest, include Kleiza in the deal and offer up a cash amount so that the Buss family can Amnesty Kleiza on our dime.

LA Lakers potential 13/14 starting lineup

pg- Nash/Blake/Morris
sg - Kobe/ Meeks/Vet
sf - DeRozan/Ebanks/Clark
pf - Bargnani/Hill/Vet
C - Dwight/Hill/Sacre

Toronto Raptors potential 13/14 starting lineup

pg- Lowry/Lucas/Vet
sg- Ross/fields/Andersen
sf- Gay/Artest/Andersen
pf- Gasol/Amir/Gay or Artest (small ball lineup)
C - Val/Vet/Amir

I think LA would have to be at least mildly interested. I mean they arent going to make the playoffs this year and they cant rebuild so this gives them an opportunity to reload. I see this as a win/win and i think it would be viewed that way around the leauge. Unless theres a better offer out there this needs to get done asap before bargs presence destroys this team and this year becomes a failure. time is of the essence.

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