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Default Re: TRADE! Raptors get Rudy Gay in 3-team deal

Originally Posted by letshaveacorona
*The Lakers are not so much bummed about paying Gasol 19Mil as they are about losing games. The Lakers expected to win with this lineup/budget and the general idea was to win at all cost untill 2014-2015 where only Nash is signed up to where at that point they would rebuild. In my opinion the "salary dump" isnt as big a priority in LALA land as it was in Memphis.

*Also I have always though going back a couple of years that Bargnani would thrive next to a big like Dwight. Most of Bargs mistakes are covered up with rebounding machine at Center who is a perennial defensive player of the year. Bargnani can just live on the perimter the way he likes. Too bad he still cant shoot for his life.

*Demar DeRozan is from LA so I think there would be some interest there on the Lakers part. Hes a young up-and-coming Sg/SF who you can play on the wing next to Kobe and he can be a building block in LA perhaps learning from his Idol Kobe and taking over in a few years.

*The Cash considerations would help ease the luxury tax for LA its a payoff to get this DEAL DONE...MONEY SOLVES MANY PROBLEMS AND WE HAVE A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS SOLVING

*Perhaps we offer to take back one of their contracts like a Steve Blake or Ron Artest, include Kleiza in the deal and offer up a cash amount so that the Buss family can Amnesty Kleiza on our dime.

LA Lakers potential 13/14 starting lineup

pg- Nash/Blake/Morris
sg - Kobe/ Meeks/Vet
sf - DeRozan/Ebanks/Clark
pf - Bargnani/Hill/Vet
C - Dwight/Hill/Sacre

Toronto Raptors potential 13/14 starting lineup

pg- Lowry/Lucas/Vet
sg- Ross/fields/Andersen
sf- Gay/Artest/Andersen
pf- Gasol/Amir/Gay or Artest (small ball lineup)
C - Val/Vet/Amir

I think LA would have to be at least mildly interested. I mean they arent going to make the playoffs this year buy they cant rebuild so this gives them an opportunity to reload. I see this as a win/win and i think it would be viewed that way around the leauge. Unless theres a better offer out there this needs to get done asap before bargs presence destroys this team and this year becomes a failure. time is of the essence.

The Lakers have a 20 year deal worth 3 billion with Time Warner Cable. I don't think they care about a little bit of cash. I don't think they want to rebuild either until they get rid of Kobe.
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