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Default Re: Tayshaun and Daye for Calderon

I didn't really want to get rid of Amir back in the day. He's going to be a solid back up guy in the NBA for quite a few more years. I think a debate could be made for Afflalo vs. Stuckey. Afflalo has never had to be the man and carry a team. Stuckey had to do that in Detroit with some pretty bad rosters. They're definitely different players with different strengths & weaknesses.

I think Daye could be another one of those guys that we just didn't give enough of a chance to (because we don't play our young guys enough) who goes to another team and finally develops.

I too want the instant result of seeing something good from a trade. But with all this money, I can't help but think that it's at least pretty awesome to have the chance to offer CP3 a max contract. Sure, Detroit probably isn't on his radar at all. But if there's a half of a percent chance we could land a player like that I say go for it. Imagine the lineup with him....


We're definitely going to sign someone else too. And we'll have a good draft pick. So we'll have a young SG or SF from the draft, another solid SG or SF from free agency, some really solid bench pieces, and a core that would be as good as any. That's a team that could compete for a championship. Of course, like I mentioned that's basically just a dream.

Nonetheless, I'm really intrigued about what we can do with this money. More so than what we could've got from Toronto. There's going to be more teams that want to unload a very talented player too. We're right on the verge of being really good again. Our patience as fans will have paid off finally.
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