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Default Re: Roberts Rebellion

Battle scenario

Let's say the Tullys and Lannisters are allies, The Tullys may send 5 units to help defend pressure from the Tyrells openly attacking the Lannisters. Through PM the Tully representative lets me know that they have exchanged pm's with the Tyrells and are turning their cloak. Tully lets me know they are moving their army into place in the westerlands.

We now have 5 units of the Lannisters out harassing. 10 units of Lannisters defending. 5 units of the Tullys in the westerlands to help defend. and 15 units of the Tyrells advancing to the Westerlands.

The next round when the battle happens, I will announce that the Tullys have turned their cloak and helped defeat the Lannisters in the open realm. Tullys and Tyrells can choose to sit and wait in the Westerlands waiting for more re-enforcements, immeditately attack the capital (to prevent Lannister forces from remassing.)

The Tyrells could play the Tullys even further by sending me a PM to let me know they will then take out the Tullys 5 units etc.. etc..

Anything you can think of to do, it's up to you. Play the long game, or play the short game.. but remember, when you play the game of thrones you either win or die.
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