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Default Re: Has kyrie become the most loved player on this forum?

Originally Posted by sixer6ad
He's had a great year, and a once-in-a-lifetime week last week (All Star, Player of the Week, 36 ppg) and he's getting some props. Sorry that he grabbed some headlines away from "Rose is in full contact at practice".
He deserves the props for the week he's had. I congratulate him. Not hating on him at all. If you had basic comprehension skills, you'd know that.

You should not feel threatened if you know Rose's game that well. He is an absolute stud and has to look up to nobody. I bet he's not this jealous of Kyrie's fabulous game.
I don't feel threatened. Honestly, I haven't payed much attention to him in the NBA, I did watch his 11 games at Duke being a UNC fan and hating Duke with a passion. I've seen highlights and he's looked good. I didn't even know he's had that good of a week with the scoring and all. That's awesome, I'm happy for him.

Like I said, you guys are trying to make something that isn't even there.
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