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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
I think I finally thought of a decent player comparison for Demar. Richard Jefferson. A dude who could always put up numbers but was clearly a notch below all-star level. Although a prime RJ was still better than Demar, still something along those lines.

edit: I thought of RJ because I wonder if they'll have the VC/RJ type of dynamic that those guys had back when they were teammates in NJ.

Good comparison. I will say that although Derozan overall doesn't make the game look as easy as Gay does, I was shocked that he had put up 19 by the end of the game so that was a pretty effortless night for him. If he'll keep that up and the assist numbers maybe keeping him as a second option isn't a bad idea.

That said like Beastani said it is just one game and I'm still inclined to want to move him if you can get a good return and/or if packaging him with Bargs is what it takes to get Bargs out of here for some good pieces rather than another team's problem contract. Still 20 days to the deadline so time left to properly assess the Gay-Derozan combo.
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