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Default Re: TRADE! Raptors get Rudy Gay in 3-team deal

I'll take heat for this but I think we should keep Bargnani. As long as Casey plays it right, we could be a pretty dangerous team.

I like the idea of starting Lowry, Demar, Gay, Amir and either Gray or Val. There is not a more athletic starting group in the NBA. If Casey can continue to get them to commit to defense, then that lenghth and athleticism will give any team fits and as long as we continue to progress in the transition game, there wil be few teams who can run with us.

So in that case, have Bargs come off the bench with Anderson and Ross. That is some serious firepower. I know we all like to sh*t on Bargnani but I'm not going to forget the times that he absolutely dominated other teams starting units in the past. Now imagine what he could do to second units. He'll be super tough for them to guard. Then with Ross and Anderson, all we'll need is for one of them to get hot.

Super athletic starting unit. Big time shooting second unit and I think we would be a dangerous and scary team to be stuck against in the playoffs.

And if we jusssst miss the playoffs, well then at least we minimize the loss of our draft pick cuz of the stipulations involved.

So I say keep Bargs, bring him off the bench and let's see what happens.
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