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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by Heilige
This is what annoys me greatly about Bret-criticizes people he doesn't for doing the same moveset-while doing the same moveset himself over & over. Criticizes people he doesn't like for doing chops, while praising people like Dynamite who threw some of the stiffest chops ever. Criticizes people for working too light like Honky & then bitches about guys like Goldberg working too stiff. Criticizes people for hurting their opponents in the ring & praises Dynamite who hurt people for fun-including breaking Foley's jaw & kicking blades into his cousins head etc.

Bret is of course the guy who still thinks his hour ironman borefest, ego booked WM match with HBK is a classic for the ages. All of the matches I mentioned above are superior to that.

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
How anybody is taking Bret seriously after he gave HHH & Undertaker a "3 out of 10" is beyond me

I think you're both bang on. Bret is as bad as Hogan when it comes to blowing his own horn.
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