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Default Re: LifeProTips! Tips that improves your life in a meaningful way.

LPT: Avoid Bee Stings (works on wasps too)
This comes from my grandfather who raised bees for decades. I was helping him with his bees one day and somehow got a swarm angry at me (I was about eight). There must have been twenty bees after me! Like most people would I started running around screaming and flapping my arms. My grandfather looked at me with a smile and said to get under a bush and shake it. He told me to sit still for a minute. I did and the bees attacked the bush while I sneaked away!
My grandfather explained that the bees couldn't see me they only saw me moving. They instinctively attacked whatever was moving. So by going under the bush and shaking it, I drew them to it instead of myself (I had been doing the opposite by running around). My grandfather is gone now but I thought I would pass on this bit of his wisdom. This gem has saved me a few times from being stung.
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