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Default Re: LifeProTips! Tips that improves your life in a meaningful way.

LPT: How to avoid buying stuff from co-workers
Whenever someone comes around saying "Would you like to buy blah blah blah, my kid is going to do whatever."
This has helped me avoid that situation for almost 20 years.
I tell them, "Yes, I would love to! But your child has to be the one to ask me." I then give them my number and say the child can call anytime after 6pm.
In 20 years, I have had one phone call.
I figure if a kid is not willing to pick up the phone and say "Hello, Mr Spalding. My name is Jennifer, I understand you work with my Dad. I am selling rocks out of your own driveway to fund my trip to Washington DC, would you care to help me out?" I am freaking sale at that point! Teach the kids the importance of networking, speaking clearly and asking for the sale! Not that Mommy or Daddy will sell your crap for you.

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