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The original UFC's were a bit fixed. The Gracies wanted to use it as tool to market Gracie BJJ, which is fine... but they didn't allow other grapplers into the event. For example, Oleg Taktarov, a Russian Sambo expert, who eventually won a UFC event, was denied entry into the first few UFC's. With his size advantage, there is a good change he would have beaten Royce Gracie.

I've followed UFC and MMA since UFC1, but I don't think watching all the earlier events is really a necessity for understanding modern MMA. I think, if for time contraints alone, you should just watch footage of some of the pioneers and legends in the sport; guys who changed the fight game. Obviously Royce Gracie is one of those fighters.

Othesr I would recommend looking up include;

Royce Gracie - Winner of 1st two UFC's
Dan Severn - The first non-BJJ fighter to win in UFC (not counting Jennum)
Ken Shamrock - The 1st grappler allowed to challenge Royce
Frank Shamrock - First LHW Champ and well-rounded fighter
Don Frye - One of the first truely well-rounded UFC champs
Matt Hughes - Dominated the UFC WW division with his wrestling
Chuck Liddell - Pioneer of modern sprawl and brawl
BJ Penn - Amazing talent that held titles in multiple divisions
Wanderlei Silva - long time Pride MW champ and vicious MT fighter
Fedor Emeliananko - long time Pride HW champ
Mirko CroCop - "right foot hospital, left foot cemetery" (homer pick)

I won't bother listing modern champs like GSP and Silva, because those are obvious. There are plenty of other great fighters in the history of the sport, but it would take me an hour to list them all.

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