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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Frankie should move back up to 155 where his speed advantage is great, after losing @145 there's nothing really left for him go back up to 155 since size was never his biggest issue, his issue is he gets hit so damn often hes gonna have serious brain damage if he keeps taking this amount of powerful shots.

I was wrong both on the Overeem/Evans picks both imo had poor gameplans but man I was cheering for Bigfoot I got a soft spot for him I could imagine all the crap he would have taken his whole life people looking/making fun of him cause of that disease probably the highlight of him career beating prime Reem rather than past prime Fedor. Lil Nog a bit to class for Evans on the feet in a rather boring fight like I predicted.

Maia did to Fitch what Fitch does to everyone i'm glad Fitch knows how it feels I can't stand the dudes fighting style the more he losses the happier i get. But in saying that huge props to Fitch for not quiting on the ground a lot of people would have had Damian Maia been on there back.

Joe B vs Uncle Creepy (UFC needs to drop that name its not good for anyone), was fairly fun fight Joe B just a bit more explosive and better striker.

AND WTF IS THE UFC THINKING PUTTING LYOTO VS HENDO NOT AS THE MAIN FOR A WOMENS FIGHT seriously thats even worse than Chael being gifted a title shot vs Bones simply pathetic.
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