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Default Re: 49ers CB Chris Culliver says gay players not welcom

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
niko of the thousands of players that have retired a grand total of 3 have come out...they have no reason to hide it any more when retired, none.

IMO that is strong evidence to suggest that there just aren't that many gays in the NFL...and IMO it makes sense that they wouldn't want to be around it for the reasons listed by the Vike's player. I bet most are turned off to football locker rooms as early as Jr High.

It's easily researched that there are 5 former NFL players who have come out as gay.

As for coming out in retirement, why would they? Unless you're going to write a book about the experience or go on the talk show circuit, what's to be gained other than subjecting yourself to the same bigotry and sabotaging any post-career endorsements, card shows, appearances. Lots of players count on that stuff as retirement income.
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