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Default Re: Is there anything more overrated than puss*y?


Being Rich. (I think happiest people I know are those who have the most connections who do something they love control their lives have low stress always laugh about worries and hit the 70-80 earning clip in sunny weather)
Being Famous/Popular (Comes with lots and lots of burdens)
The Bench Press (Deadlifts are better)
having "good" taste in music (Almost all music has a place in somenoe's life)
Swag (dressing in classic masculine clothes and/or solid colors lets you get by quite easily)
Jokes (often times the most humorous things are calling people out ofr their hypocrisy)
Grass-fed steak ( i like how conventional tastes better)
Lions (Tigers are better)
Expensive Restaurants (would rather go to a decent place with good company)
Vacation (sometimes I want to go back to work 3 days after)
Europe (southeast asia is way better considering experiences and prices)
Hot women (it's crazy when you're young you enamor yourself and but beauty starts to have less and less and less of an effect on u as u age)
Jim Carrey and Robin Wiliams (love his movies but he's not quite the comic genius everyone makes him out to be)
Big deicions in life like buying a car, marriage, your location (not as huge and often smaller things have a stronger impact on you emotionaly)

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