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Default Re: Best song of the 60's (IMHO)

I recently bought an "Abbey Road" copy from the 70s. I never gave the album any chance, but due to the LP I listened to it consciously and site 2 starting from "You never give me your money" is basically a meddley that has some of the best stuff made in the 60s on it.
Never heart something like that from the Kinks, Stones, Yardbirds or any other 60s band. Aside from the coda in "The end" they left the realms of (rhythm and) blues totally, which almost all rock & soul bands still used, even the upstarting heavier and funk acts.

This is my favourite part of the meddley.

The only other guy that creative in songwriting was Bob Dylan.

HM: My Generation by The Who, the ox was a beast on the bass.
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