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Default Re: SuperBowl, who ya got?

Originally Posted by Money 23
No, you can get by with teammates slacking in baseball and basketball. In football, it's such a cohesive effort. In contrast, superstars don't have as much influence as they do in bball or baseball.

I'm excluding human c o c k fighting where it's mano y mano. I said team sports. Don't try and start an argument.

You mean to tell me literally every lineman matters? In basketball you can get by with teammates slacking? It didn't work for Lebron...and it doesn't work for the Lakers defense against PGs.

Every sport has it's strong points but in all of them, it's possible to cover a weak spot on the team. As far as heart is concerned...completely subjective so there's no point arguing.

As for football being the best sport, there's a reason why it's only big in the US.
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