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Default Re: Best Halftime show ever...

Originally Posted by knickswin
beyonce is a performer first, musician second

that said, she is a very good, well trained singer. I don't think she writes any of her own music though, so that takes points off for her as a musician.

Well as a singer your voice is an instrument, so you're still a musician, even if you just interpret other's songs.
She's a performer, but not a good or great one, she's just a solid dancer and very good looking woman. If Beyonce looked like Adele nobody would care tbh.

I buy records, because of the music and hers is not enjoyable for me and the live performance doesn't elevate her to another level for me unless she does something extraordinary. As said in the other thread. She isn't even that energetic, because the audience doesn't really react to or interact with her.
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