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Default Re: Grammy Road Trip Thread

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
but Pippen looked so smooth when he did it.

but you are absolutely right about our offense. i was really mad at Steve Nash when he made 2 bad plays in a row with under 2 minutes left and we were up by 5 points or so. first he lost the ball, then he took a running floater with lots of time on the shot clock. he should know better.

Yeah, Pippen did look smooth and that's a good point, there are certain guys that I would cringe but would make an exception for doing it.....Ray Allen, Reggie know, the GREAT 3pt shooters in history.......this does not include Meeks, Jamison....or anyone on the Lakers not named Steve Nash

Yeah, we have to do the right things to close out games and hold leads.

I always bark at my teams, when we get a lead I teach them to never be satisfied, no smiles, no giddiness, no goofing off, no bad shots or defensive lapses thinking it doesn't matter. If the lead is 10 points they better make it 20, 20 better make it 30, 30 better make it 40....I am in their faces about this and needless to say we never blow leads of more than 10 points....NEVER.
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