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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by niko
This is not your point. Your point is and always has been that you want Tony Romo to get recognition tha QBs who both put put stats and win games get also.

Flacco had a fantastic postseason. You talk about olines, etc. but the fact is the ONLY indispensable piece on Baltimore was Flacco. They just changed linemen a few weeks ago.

And as far as only the qb getting accoladx, have you missed the two week retirement celebration for Ray Lewis?
he isn't less indispensable as most other QB on any team...put Brady of that team, maybe he doesn't under throw Jacoby Jones...

hell, does Flacco even win a ring without Jacoby Jones last night?...probably not...Jacoby Jones = INDISPENSABLE!!!

perhaps the Ravens don't make the post season without Lewis...or Ngata or Rice...there is no way to know really

I do think that entire o-line as a whole is every bit as important as Flacco himself...maybe moreso
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