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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by knickballer
I think you are overrating alot of the guys. Lewis was awful in the Superbowl and everyone knows he's a shell of his former self and Suggs didn't make a huge impact this year due to his injury.

And you completely overrated the Ravens receiving core. Boldin is a solid WR but he's not a #1 and at this point of his career he's pretty much a physical receiver(had a great postseason). Jacoby Jones is extremely subpar and Smith is pretty much a deep threat only. Pitta is a solid TE but great? Don't discredit Flacco because he played his dick off..

The Niners are a stacked team but they do have some weaknesses. First, niners play in a 3-4. Willis and Bowman is a great set of ILB's and possibly one of the greatest ever. Smith is a great player but he's heavily reliant on Justin Smith and without him he looked very human, he's kind of 1 dimensional as he's not nearly as good in the run defense as he is in the pass rush . 49ers have a very suspect secondary as well.
lol, Lewis led the entire NFL post season in tackles with 51, next in line was Graham with 32...he isn't 2000 Lewis, but he is still a top-5 MLB

Suggs was also prime Suggs in the post season...I guess you weren't watching him?...he was awesome
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