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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

The QB plays the biggest role on the team...this is true

but it is still the best team that wins, not the best QB...Flacco is not the best QB in the NFL...not even close IMO...the Ravens as a team played amazing football, Flacco included...

If I had to guess at how big of a role the average QB makes on a team I would say around 10%-15% or so...depending on the team and the QB of course...for someone like Peyton on the Colts maybe as high as 20%-30%...but Dilfer on the Ravens like 5%...

the amount a QB means to a team should probably equal to the amount of money he makes in respect to the entire team's salary...

so if the salary cap is $120 million, and a QB makes $12 mill of that...he is seen 10% of the team's success...or at least that is how it should work out if all was fair.
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