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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Few I watched recently:

The Life of Pi - 10/10
The best movie of 2012. I never read the book so I knew nothing about the story going in. A great fairy tale with a very dark side. It looked incredible and this is the first time I'm actually excited to watch something on 3D at home when the blu-ray is released. I normally don't like heavy exposition but in this case, IMO, it was necessary and setup the final questions about which story do you like/would choose well. I just watched it for a second time and it was even better catching some of the foreshadowing.

Flight - 7/10
Very strong acting and a great first hour. It drags a bit for the rest of the movie and ends on an awful note. I could see it coming but I was still disappointed by the cop-out heavy-handed ending. I did not for one second believe that Denzel's character would do what he did given everything else that we knew about him.

Arbitrage - 8/10
Now this was how you end a film about a scumbag lead character that you're still kind of rooting for. It was basically like a Hitchcock movie except that they got the right guy and he totally deserves to fall. I'm surprised this one didn't get more publicity.

Hitchcock - 6/10
Decent but too light on interesting information about the great filmmaker and the movie making process.
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