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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Flacco played very well...and so did Kap

but the reason that these 2 "TEAMS" were in the Super Bowl had much more to do with the fact that they are the most physical "TEAMS" in the NFL than it did the QBs. Hell Kap wasn't even the QB the entire year, Alex Smith was. SF as a "TEAM" is probably a playoff team with any QB. Perhaps that is also true about the Ravens.

Did any of you know that the Ravens are pound for pound the biggest team in the NFL? They have a massive O-Line and D-Line. SF's O-Line is also amazing, Leonard Davis the probowl guard for Dallas isn't even a starter in SF, he is a backup.

The fact that these two teams were in the Super Bowl to me proves that you don't a Brees or Brady or Peyton to win a ring. Flacco is NOT an "elite" he isn't and if you think he is then you are just looking at the ring his "TEAM" won.

why do all the headlines and news have to be QB related? Am I the only one a little sick of how we view it and how infactuated we are with calling QB's "elite"'s maddening

Honestly PT... I think most of this is a result of you making the statement, predicting, assumption or whatever you wanna call it from ... but let's give credit where credit is due ... and damn ... you hate on Flacco ... BUT YOU NEVER CRITICIZE Tony Romo ... why?

Romo has one a single playoff game his entire career, and let's not even compare Romo. Yet Romo is Top 4. Where does Romo rank, exactly? You moron.
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