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Default Shit on Shit Crime (why the Yankees and A Rod are made for each other)

The Yankees are far and away the most disgusting organization in baseball, and that is saying a lot considering teams like the Red Sox (who I am a die hard fan of) exist. I throw my team under the bus for the scummy way they drag people through the mud on the way out the door, utterly disgusting.

But the Jankees have taken it to a whole other level with their media leaks, YES network clout and massive smear campaign of Alex Rodriguez, who last time I checked was still under contract.

Far be it from me to stick up for A Rod who is basically baseball's version of Kobe minus the late career upswing in likeability but the Yankees have just gone too far. They want out of his contract badly, but can't seem to do anything about it, so day after day after c0cksucking day we need to read more media leaks about A Rod's latest PED folly.

Instead of owning up to the contract they gave him (one which they arrogantly gloated about having stolen from right under the Red Sox noses at the time I might add), they are taking the chicken shit BS rout of ruining him even further and taking all his cash instead of fessing up.

Guess what, they ALL did PEDs, every good player from that era (except Papi, lol JK), **** off and pay up you pin striped pieces of shit and stop leaking these stories to your bumboys at the world wide follower everyday because I am sick of seeing Jankee clowns on the front page in February.

No wonder baseball will be irrelevant in a generation.

end rant
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