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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

W/L shouldn't be the end all be all for a QB.

But you can look at teams with comparable talent and if the W/L between two QB's is clearly different then something is up.

And the fact of the matter is that Joe Montana is considered by I think most to be the GOAT QB. Was he the best talent wise? No. Was he the best stat wise? No. Did he have a wonderful team around him? Yes. But What sets him apart? 4-0. That's what does.

Flacco isn't elite, he hasn't played at that level consistently, but he had an historic postseason.

Kaepernick isn't elite. He's too young to be considered as such, we have to see what happens when the league adjusts back against him, but he too had an amazing postseason.

The hype lumped on them is deserved. Part of your problem is that you're watching ESPN which always looks for the lowest common denominator, but if you look elsewhere you will see more in depth stuff. You can't control the fans, there are fans I have met that truly legitimately believe that Kobe Bryant is better than MJ ever was. And you can't control the media at the ESPN level because it's all about drawing in as many viewers as you can.

QB's recognize this, and realize that the expectations are different for them. You don't look at an O-Lineman on another team and be like: "Oh he's 6-25 in his career." But you DO do that with QB's. And really I can't think of any other position. It's just the nature of the position.
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