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Originally Posted by plowking
Does anyone have any advice for stalling on military presses? I seem to be stuck at the same weight for a while now and was wondering if there are some other exercises I could incorporate to help it.

You could switch over to Push Presses first. When I was starting to press oferhead, I couldn't get past 85 for a triple. I switched over to Push Presses and worked up to 155 for 5 over a couple months then went back to OHPs and I was able to go from 85 to 125 quicker than I did from 55 to 85 (but only for a double). Definitely helps build confidence in putting heavier weights over your head and helps strengthen you at the top and on the way down. Also, since you can go heavier on the way down, it can carry over to the eccentric portion. Reason why lots of strength athletes work with negatives for certain periods in their training.

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